Hello and thank you for visiting! I am Erin Hawley Cronin, and I am writing speculative (read, imaginative) fiction for real readers–that’s you! I write about faith, identity and choices we face in the real world, but I see those issues through a speculative lens. Since I’m not perfect, my characters aren’t either, but my characters learn and grow as a result of their struggles, just like I have.  So, what does that mean, really?

When you pick up one of my books (eventually, when they are happily published and on a shelf somewhere), you will find:

Magical Realism: The settings resemble our own Earth pretty closely, but some things can’t be explained by science and proof. You could also call my books “low fantasy.”

Legends: My stories tend to draw on ancient legends. So far, I’ve explored Romanian and Native American legend, and I would expect Russian legends to be next.

Real Characters: I hope, in my books, you will find characters you can relate to. They aren’t “too good to be true,” but instead have their own quirks, faults and failings. We can learn from joining them in their struggles, regardless of their outcome. That doesn’t mean there aren’t heroes and villains, though!

Adventure: Whether my characters are heading overseas, hiking in the wilderness, hiding in mountain caves or navigating a new city, there is always fun, adventure, or suspense to keep them moving and you reading.

Hope: Sometimes sad things happen in our world, and when writing realism, sad things sometimes happen, too, even if the realism is magical. But, so far, my books have a strong thread of hope running through them and I think you will find them uplifting.

Faith: As a Christian, faith is an important part of the way I see the world. My faith comes through in my books, but in the context of real people dealing with real life. Leave a comment below or email me at erinhawleycronin@gmail.com if you want to know more about my faith or how it plays out in my writing.


8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Erin – Just thought I’d write to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I love your banner photo – and I’m thinking perhaps that’s a setting for one of your books? I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks, Monica! Yes, this is a photo of “Grandpa’s Mountain.” It is in the Black Hills, where my grandfather’s ashes are scattered. I hiked almost to the top with my youngest daughter last year, but we stopped just below the top. We were still high enough to watch hawks circling below us! The Black Hills plays a large part in Book 2. . . my current WIP, Mica in the Wilderness.

    1. Hi Kevin! I’ve always loved to read and loved stories, and I kept reading books that I mostly liked, but I wished the authors would have done this or that differently. . .so eventually, I figured, maybe I should try writing a book that actually did those things differently. Also, I was up in the middle of the night one night, sort of supervising my son’s basement sleepover, and I didn’t have anything to read, so I started writing. : )

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