Adventures with Erin: Hiking Cathedral Spires

This was a great week to spend in the Black Hills with family. Since Mica in the Wilderness, my Work in Progress (WIP) is at 40,000 words (about half-way completed) and takes place mostly in the Black Hills, I am going home with lots of fresh inspiration. I had forgotten how hard running at over 5,000 feet elevation really is, let alone how steep the hills are! At one point, we were running up a gravel trail at 24% grade!

I also had forgotten how magical the rock formations are. Driving a short ways on Needles Highway to get to the Cathedral Spires trail head didn’t make me instantly hyperventilate this year, but it did take my breath away to look over the cliffs and see vast expanses of hills and hawks circling below us.

I confess, I didn’t get out of the car at some of the overlooks. I am glad I was surrounded by much braver family members, who can serve as examples for Helen!


However, I did enjoy climbing the Cathedral Spires trail. Seeing the Spires from the back gave me a unique, new perspective that I am storing up in my mind. Since I am much more a pantster than a plotter, (I write by the seat of my pants, instead of developing a plot chart first–which probably surprises those of you who know me, since I tend to be overly organized in the rest of my life!) I am excited to see how these new images will show up in my book.

What adventures have you had this summer? Are you ever inspired to write about them?



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