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The first thing you need to know about my books is that they aren’t published yet. I am sorry! So, if it will drive you crazy to read little tidbits about the books but know you may have to wait for a very long time to read them, you might want to check out a different page on my site. If, however, you are okay with delayed gratification, I’d love to tell you a little about what I am writing.

I also would love comments on the working titles. What age do the titles make you think the books were written for? What do the titles make you think the books will be about? Would you pick these books up, based on the titles? I’ve been considering changing the titles, so any feedback is helpful! Thanks!

Amber in the Mountains: Completed Manuscript

College isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. With her ex-boyfriend, Damian, stalking her and her mom and sister moving across the country, Helen has no reason to stick around. A summer exchange program to Russia, Ukraine and Romania might be just the ticket. Well, she’ll miss visiting Michael at the coffee shop, but they’re just friends—aren’t they?

A brief reprieve living with fun, street-savvy Maya teaches Helen about confidence, friendship, and guys, but she still can’t resist the pull of studying overseas, especially since Romania is the land of her ancestors.

When Helen’s disturbing dreams about black wolves and a dark-haired Romanian girl coincide with her equally disturbing research about lithopedions, or stone babies, she starts to wonder if there’s more truth to Gram’s legends about the stone giants and the curse on her family than she once thought.

To make matters worse, Helen’s arrival in Ukraine seemed to coincide with the arrival a group of men wearing Black Wolf armbands. Is their interest in Helen coincidental, or is there something more sinister going on?

Will memories of Michael’s kindness and Maya’s confidence be enough to sustain Helen as she is so far away from home, or will legends, curses and Black Wolves overpower her?

Mica in the Wilderness: Work In Progress

Helen is up for a quiet summer with family and friends in the Black Hills, but an unexpected crisis, an unwelcome quest and unexplained Native American legends leave her little time for developing relationships. Will Helen reclaim summer vacation and learn more about faith, or are true faith (and summer vacation) actually just myths?

Crystal in the Storm: Work In Mind

Helen can’t wait to start her library internship in the St. Petersburg, Russia, she has read so much about. However, once she is there, the beauty and splendor of Russian palaces provide a sharp contrast to sketchy stairwells and unsolved murders. Has Helen left her worlds of quests and legends behind, or are they still pursuing her through St. Petersburg’s frozen winter?


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    1. Thanks, Jill! I would love to see them on bookshelves, too! I have pitched a couple of places, but am currently working on a better query letter. I am also heading to a conference in Feb. We’ll see what happens!

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