Everyday Adventures with Erin: Outlines and Tacos

frost-1191931__340So, my project for this snowy winter morning in Minnesota is to condense my entire novel into a one-page outline. As a writing teacher, I cavalierly assign outlines and never think about them much. . . but having a one-page limit makes outlining quite a challenge. I will bring my new-found empathy for my students into the next outline I assign.

After nearly three hours of writing, cutting, adding, playing with formats, and cutting sotacos-1613795__340me more, I am at one and a quarter pages. However, my time is running out. We are having guests for dinner and I need to start  cooking. We are having a build-your-own taco bar, but it won’t happen if I don’t get going!

Do you ever shut down your computer and hope inspiration or clarity will hit you the next time you turn it on? In the meantime, here’s to taco meat–a finite task I can accomplish in a set amount of time. Maybe as I chop veggies, I will be able to think of things to chop out of my outline, too.





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