No Luck , Still Stuck


This was one of my kiddos’ favorite board books when they were little. By Phyllis Root, with silly illustrations by Jane Chapman, it is about a series of animals who try to help an unlucky duck get out of the muck. Each attempt is followed by the refrain, “No luck, still stuck.”

This refrain is fitting for my manuscript, lately. Having heard back from an agency that Amber in the Mountains is not a good fit, I feel a bit like Duck, who keeps turning to different animals for help. Thankfully, like Duck, I am surrounded by encouraging family and friends and a wonderful writers’ group.

I’ll keep writing, revising and querying and hopefully, with enough pushing, pulling and prodding, I will hear the lovely sound of “Spluck” and Amber in the Mountains will be released from the muck sooner or later. Until then, thanks for all your encouragement and support!


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